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 Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012

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PostSubject: Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012   Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:12 pm

Visited the US Westcoast again. This time not a dedicated spotter tour, but a family holiday.. However could not resist the temptation to do some photography. The score was quite good given the moderate time available.

After 26 hours trip finally got to LAX.. Dec 18th was a disaster on the road. The A44/4 was blocked so we missed the direct KL601. So plan B, AMS-YYZ on KLM and onwards to LAX with the oldest AC A320 frame.. c/n 59!! It looked shabby.. a nice dealy of an hour too as the catering trolley did not lock..

With only 5 hours of sleep , we left for Victorville. I packed an additional box of tissues in anticipation of the sight of the ex KLM MD11's.. PH-KCH is now almost stripped of all usuable parts. It would meet the axe the friday next... RIP! KCF and KCI are parked and all engines are removed.

The scores:
KCF/KCI no titles and KCI no reg



M0YRGT is also parked at VCV

My target for VCV: UP-DC102

N874VV DC10 Omega Tanker

Next stop LAS VEGAS 20/12. Spend the entire day at the famous parking spot necxt to 25L.
N906NV B757-200W Allegiant

G-VKSS A330-300 Virgin Atlantic

N792SW B737-700W Southwest

Missed it so many times and now finally got it.... N945SW Florida!!!

N83267F B737-800W Southwest. Up to 4 a day in LAS

XA-VOP A319 Volaris

N828UA A319 United

N873GA DC9-80 Allegiant will not bother you with the 22 others..

G-VGAL B747-400 Virgin Atlantic .. yes a daily A330 and a 744

N901NV B757-200W Allegiant

N412NV DC9-80 Allegiant o/c

No Allegiant A319 was seen.

N39416 B737-900W United

N922FR A319 Frontier

Of course many other aircraft that day , but more of the same or not interesting.

The next airport we passed was Kingman enroute to the Grand Canyon. shot the following on the 21st
This impression you will see from the highway... lots of yellow

Furthermore loads of Saabs of American Eagle,

And a bunch of EMB135's of Continental Express

Will not bore you with tons of CRJ's of Comair..

N742DH B727-200F DHL ... it hurts..

N732DH EMB135 ex Airlink just arrived

N267V Cl-215

OK one American Eagle Saab N283AE

N153GL Be1900 Great Lakes operating the LAX flight.

N424MA SA227TC Ameriflight

N806DH DC8-73 DHL , unfortunately the engines were just removed..

(A)star of the day N873SJ also now without engines. The story is that this bird will return to the skies... bound for an airline in Afghanistan... Now waiting for new engines..

Next stop Phoenix. Did not bother to go to Sky Harbour as much of the same in LAS. However spend 30 minutes at Goodyear.. Some nice gems there. A pity the Ezniz B737-700 was parked too tight to a Sky A320 being stripped (green) and an Air Australia A320.. Too sad to see that a Singapore Airline 777 was stripped. Cockpit section on a lorry presumably for use as a simulator..

5 former Omni Air DC10's are present.

EIU-TAB A320 Fly Marianas, new start up from Guam

N567BB A320 Mexicana

Varig B767-300 PR-VAO

Variglog B757-200F N235RD

Omni Air N612AX

Air Nigeria N339LF

Erickson Aero Tanker MD87, 2 of these were present. The other one had no engines yet.

Other residents were well known former European aircraft so did not bother to photograph them.

After a few days without aircraft we visited San Diego, only one quick shot..
N727SW 737-700W Southwest

Riding home on Dec 26 to our friends in Vista I passed by Carlsbad and discovered this gem.. California Pacific EMB170. Still parked and still no license to operate. They say it will be operating as from March 2013.

Spend some hours at LAX on DEC 30/31. Very quite due to the holidays..
N42XA B734 Xtra Airways operating a football charter

Parked nearby... PH-HZI Suncountry.

Seen N451PA earlier at LAX this year, but now finally without ground equipment

XA-TWQ A300 Aero Union.. thanks to the Swissport staff removing the containers..

ZK-OKP B777-300 Air New Zealand.

N371FL CV5800 IFL Group..

N38458, a shiny new United B739!

9V-SKH A380 Singapore.. by the way LAX is A380 heaven.. QF 2x daily , CZ, AF,LH in summer, KE 2x daily

N317CM B763F ABX Air.

et les amies F-HPJH

Saudi Airforce BBJ HZ-102

Virgin America N849VA with Giants logo

Hawaiian operating 5 a day these days and showing 767-300's again

Copa Airlines B738W HP-1715CMP

United baby 767 N69154

And the Hawaiian A330-200 N380HA

TACA A320 N688TA in Star Alliance livery

N752SK CRJ900 United Express

N699BR CRJ200 Skywest o/c

N693BR CRJ200 Skywest n/c

N201FR A320 Frontier

And a nice BBJ N1ts

Luckily no traffic jams in LA , so I made the direct KL602 on Jan 1st.. :-)
Hope you enjoyed the show.
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PostSubject: Re: Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012   Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:53 pm

Great Pics.... Nice to know that N873SJ wil get Airborne again
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PostSubject: Re: Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:27 pm

Very nice, I'm so jealous! Will haben Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012   Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:23 pm

Very nice. Perfect shots and Great pics. WOW!!! Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012   

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Westcoast USA trip DEC19-31 2012
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